Web Design

SpotlessMedia - first-class Web site design...

Our first web site went out in 1997 and in those days of 28k modems and dreary html pages the world was badly in need of this innovative and playful approach. Since then we have tackled all manner of sites from simple home pages and mid-range brochure sites (our bread and butter) to up-to-the-minute video streaming and e-commerce sites.

Online shops range from a simple display page and booking form, to high-end stores and catalogues.

Print Design

SpotlessMedia - beautiful, timeless illustration and flawless print work...

The core disciplines of graphic design and illustration are our true forte. A thread of competence and integrity going back over 20 years and continuing to run through all our work today.
You can rely on SpotlessMedia to deliver work on time and with an attention to detail only we country bumpkins have time for!

Multi Media

SpotlessMedia - present at the birth of interactive media...

Nearly 20 years since our first educational CDROM, we continue to deliver meticulously crafted 2D, 3D and 4D digital media.
From corporate show reels and educational media, to animations and visual stings SpotlessMedia has the experience and talent to really make your new media jump off the screen.

Multimedia is not cheap but it has a persuasive and educational power unmatched even by the web. Your DVD or CDROM could be on the coffee tables of every house in the land by next month, and with full-screen video and web links to dynamic content, there has never been a better time to move up to the highest level of interaction.

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